Acclaimed puppeteer and animator Tomáš Procházka already had plenty of experience from numerous theatre and film projects when he formed his band B4 in 1998. The quartet explores the fringes of psychedelic rock and experimental electronic music, never shying away from the unique central European music legacy (you can read the abbreviation B4 as English “before”). After years of cult followings, B4 finally got the spotlight they deserved with Didaktik Nation Legendary Rock scooping up the first ever Vinyla Award as Album of the Year in 2011. One of a kind “sound researcher” Procházka also records as Federsel, is a member of the experimental band Gurun Gurun as well as arts collective Handa Gotte, and runs an Endemit Archives blog showcasing recordings of Czech outsider music.

from Didaktik National Legendary Rock, 2011)


Ringo George Paul John (Polí5, 2010)
Didaktik Nation Legendary Rock (Polí5, 2011)
Lux Oxid (Polí5, 2012)
Germanium (Polí5, 2013)


web: https://poli5.bandcamp.com/album/lux-oxid
artists: federsel1 (at) gmail.com
booking:  leosekkropacek (at) seznam.cz