With their other band Nod Nod building success in the global metal blogosphere, Veronika Buriánková and David Zeman from the town of Tábor tried something a little bit different (and quieter) with Kalle. The duo recorded their debut album Live from the Room on a 4-track cassette recorder, and it was not supposed to reach beyond a few friends of theirs. It did eventually, and Kalle became an overnight sensation on the Czech alternative music scene. Kalle’s weapons are Veronika’s unique voice, which is both sultry and raw, and David’s minimalist and airy guitar playing. Together they create intimate and fragile slowcore songs with an icy ambience that occasionally gets spiced by trip hop like electronic beats. In 2014 they became the first band ever to get shortlisted for Vinyla Awards in two categories in the same year (Best Album and Newcomer), and they won the Anděl Award for Best Alternative Album.


Live from the room (self-released, 2014)


web: http://kallesound.bandcamp.com/

artist/booking: kalle.band (at) gmail.com