Vinyla Music Awards

The Vinyla Awards were founded in 2011 with the task of annually highlighting important artists and achievements in contemporary Czech popular music. The award shortlists are usually widely varied – with both experimental and pop recordings appearing next to each other. Vinyla wants to acknowledge artists who bring original and innovative elements to the Czech music scene. The award ceremony usually takes place in February, and the prizegiving is part of a concert night with some of the nominated bands. The Vinyla Awards are supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture.

  • Award panel

    The award panel consists of active and respected music journalists and critics, who help to shape and cultivate music discourse in the Czech Republic. The members of the panel change every year, but their number is usually around twenty people.

  • Prize

    Each year Vinyla Awards release a vinyl LP with songs from each of the nominated artists and an original cover designed by an acclaimed Czech artist. The vinyl, which comprises the best music of the year, is also used as a prize for winners. It is also on sale to the public.

  • Categories

    Vinyla is handed out in three categories: Album of the Year, Newcomer of the Year and Achievement of the Year. For each category the panel annually shortlists three names.

Selection of awarded artists: