From the idiosyncratic industrial region of Ostrava come the trio Schwarzprior, who attacked the stale Czech “indie” scene with a dark wave electronica onslaught as raw and uncompromising as life in their home town. They were formed in 2009 at Ostrava’s infamous Faculty of Arts, but remained a cult favourite only until their debut album IDDQD (2014). Their long-in-the-works collection introduces their aesthetics as coming from both the 1980s electronic body music scene and the computer games of the early 1990s – the title of their album is an immortality code from the first-person shooter game DOOM. Schwarzprior’s famous live concerts are filled with high octane energy coupled with mind-bending video projections created by the singer Tomáš Motal, who is also an acclaimed comics writer. Schwarzprior became Newcomer of the Year at 2014’s Vinyla Awards.


IDDQD (Polí5, 2014)



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