Metal culture is still very strong in the Czech Republic, but only a few bands dare to take the genre out of its safe boundaries and twist it beyond fans expectations. With their sludge and emo leanings and the extraordinary voice of Veronika Buriánková, experimental/avantgarde metal band Nod Nod from South Bohemia does just that. What started in 2011 as an attempt to couple the furious post-hardcore of the band Five Seconds to Leave with two members of the now defunct band Veena became a project that shook the groundings of the Czech „heavy“ scene. Their eponymous debut album got shortlisted for Anděl and Břitva Awards in hardcore and metal categories, and also appeared in many Album of the Year lists on various international blogs (e.g. CVLT Nation). Although Veronika and the guitarist David Zeman later formed slowcore duo Kalle and became successful on their own, Nod Nod continues together on their quest to perfect heavy sound.

Video by Radim Věžník (for Fair Price Music)


Nod Nod (self-released, 2014)


artist/booking: nodnodband (at)